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Annual Run to Posey's

Mark your calendars now for the annual Run to Posey’s on Christmas Eve! As most of you know, this tradition has been around for more years than most of us can count and has continued long past the demise of Posey’s Oyster Bar back in 2005 when Hurricane Dennis rolled through. Now we gather at the Riverside Café after our run and this year we will celebrate the survival of this restaurant after getting 5’ of water courtesy of Hurricane Michael. Cooter Stew will also be open to welcome runners that day.

Here are a few details with more to come as the date gets closer:

WHAT:  A good way to get a run in and you get to pick the distance you run. No registration, no t-shirts, no results…just a bunch of fun!

WHERE:  The St. Marks Trail. Many people gather at the trailhead located on Woodville Highway near  Capital Circle SE and run the (almost) 16 miles to  St. Marks.. Others run out & back from the town of St. Marks. And still others jump in along the way and run whatever distance they desire.

WHEN:  Christmas Eve morning. The group at the trailhead usually starts at 7:30 am and others start whenever they like.

AFTERWARDS:  The Riverside Café will open at 9:00 am on Christmas Eve and Cooter Stew hopes to open at 9:30 am.

Hope to see you there!  No need to RSVP either!