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GWTC and Gulfwinds Triathletes Electronic Voting is Underway


Voting for 2018 Gulf Winds Track Club and Gulfwinds Triathletes Officers and Directors at Large has opened

Voting will close at midnight on Tuesday, November 14

Emails were sent on Monday, October 30, 2017, to all individual household members and to one member of each family membership household. Individuals are entitled to one vote, and family memberships are entitled to two votes. Members of the Gulfwinds Triathletes aged 18 and older are eligible to cast a ballot in the Gulfwinds Triathletes election.

Please read the instructions in the email carefully. The email contains your username and password to log on to cast your ballot(s). If you are the family member who receives the email, please remember to pass the email on to the other voting family member so that he/she may also cast a ballot. And, if you are a member of the Gulfwinds Triathletes, remember to log on once again to vote in that election.

If you or another member of your household has not received an email announcing the election, please contact so that we may check on your ballot. Please check your spam/junk mail prior to contacting us.

If you do not have an email address on file, a paper ballot was mailed to you on October 30.

If you want to read about the candidates in advance of opening your ballot, you may do so here:

Candidate Statements - Gulf Winds Track Club Officers and Candidates-at-Large

Candidate Statements - Gulfwinds Triathletes Officers and Candidates-at-Large

The above links may also be found on your ballot.