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It’s Time for the GWTC Election!


You will soon be receiving your paper ballots for voting in the 2019 GWTC Election. GWTC Family memberships receive 2 ballots (regardless of how many family members) and Individual members receive 1 ballot. If you're a member of the Gulf Winds Triathletes, you will receive an additional envelope containing your ballots(s) for that election -- Family memberships receive 2 ballots and Individual members receive 1 ballot.

We were not able to arrange for electronic voting this year so please keep an eye out for a United States Postal Service delivery of your ballots. Please note, each envelope will be addressed to a named “Household” whether it goes to an Individual or a Family membership. Try not to mistake it for junk mail! The return address will clearly show GWTC’s address.

Again, Individual members will receive 1 ballot and Family memberships will receive 2 ballots. Take advantage of the self-addressed stamped envelope and send your ballots back ASAP.

All ballots must be post-marked no later than Friday, November 9, 2018.

Want to study up on the candidates? A complete listing of the candidate profiles can be found at the links below. In addition to officers and other director and coordinator positions, GWTC members will also be electing 7 Director-at-Large representatives, and Gulf Winds Triathletes will be electing 5 Director-at-Large representatives.


Candidate Statements - Gulf Winds Track Club Officers and Candidates-at-Large

Candidate Statements - Gulfwinds Triathletes Officers and Candidates-at-Large


Thanks for your support!