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Election Results for the 2019 Board of Gulf Winds Track Club

The elections committee (Chaired by Tony Guillen) has reported the following results:

The following have been elected to the position of Director at large: (Listed in alphabetical order)

Judy Alexander

Kristin Halley

Chika Okoro

Tom Perkins

Tsige Tadesse

Herb Wills

David Yon

The following have been elected to specific positions which include membership on the board:

Paul Guyas - President

Jim Halley - Vice President

Alyssa Terry - Secretary

Laryn Flikkema - Treasurer

Chris Stanley - Lecture Series Coordinator

Mary Jean Yon - Race Director Coordinator

Vicky Droze - Social Director

Wayne Thumm - President of the GWTC Triathletes


The following have been elected to the Gulf Winds Triathletes Board of Directors:

President: Wayne Thumm

Vice President: John Sivyer

Secretary: Lisa Chadwick

Treasurer: David Strange

Past President: Michael Weyant


Directors at Large:

Tina Bahmer

Mark Jeter

Pam Presnell

Kory Skrob

Robby Turner