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GWTC Board Profile - Christopher Stanley




Christopher Stanley

Position with GWTC


Education and Lecture Series Coordinator

All Time Favorite Race



I was a mid-distance runner in high school and college, and while I appreciate most events and distances in road races, cross country, and track and field, I still love the 800 meters.

Favorite Annual Event


Although I cannot do it every year, I enjoy the Chicago Marathon. More locally, I love the Palace Saloon 5k.

Favorite Running Route or Trail


I like running the clay roads out at Bradley's Country Store.

Personal Hero





I have a deep appreciation for what coaches (can) do for their athletes, not only in terms of athletic growth, but also as they contribute to psychological and emotional growth. I consider myself fortunate to have had high school (the late J. Michael Kuharic) and college (Jim Knoedel) coaches who inspired and challenged their athletes.

Why I run




For many years, running was a very competitive endeavor on my part (particularly with the 800-meters). While I can still get competitive, motivation for running now includes a greater emphasis on physical, mental, and social health.

Inspirational Quotation


"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." ~ Maya Angelou

Brief Running History










I have been running a little over 25 years, which began as a sprinter (100, 200, relays) in high school. Over time, I transitioned into a mid-distance runner. Most of latter high school and college focused on the 800 meter event -- with a personal best of 1:52 -- with many 400s (including legs on the mile relay) and some 1500s mixed in, too. I began to run cross country in college (largely as a base for track season) so I accumulated some higher mileage weeks and 8ks. After college, with no half-mile events to be found and leaning on the cross country experience, I began running more 5ks and 10ks. Over time, and with new training partners and guidance, I began running half- and full-marathons as well. Most recently, I ran the Tallahassee Ultra Distance classic 50k (for the first and only time).