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GWTC Board Profile - Emma Spencer



Emma Spencer

Position with GWTC

Club Secretary

All Time Favorite Race

Breakfast on the track because it is over before you know it!

Favorite Annual Event




I have two favorites. Potluck Bash because despite the awful heat, the food and company after a crazy run are always so much fun, and Turkey Trot because I love Thanksgiving (even though I’m British) and any excuse to eat excessive amounts of turkey and pie are good times to me.

Favorite Running Route or Trail


I love to run anywhere but my favorite running route in Tallahassee is probably the Alford Greenway to Tom Brown Park, where the fear of alligators makes you run faster, plus it is one of the prettiest places.


Personal Hero

Ultra Runner Dean Karnazes

Why I run



I run to stay somewhat healthy, but I also run because it gives me a sense of freedom and clear mindedness that nothing else does. Additionally, I run to socialize with my best friends, chatting away the miles are the best parts of my day!

Inspirational Quotation


Not really an inspirational quote but when I run and it is getting difficult I think of myself as the little engine that could and repeat the mantra “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.”


Brief Running History




I ran track in high school but was never very serious about running and I dabbled in a few 5K’s and a couple of half marathons but without any real consistency.  Then in 2010 I decided to go and run 20 miles (without training) just to see if I could do it. The next thing I know I sign up for a marathon and I have been running those distances and longer ever since.