GWTC Board Member Profile - Judy Alexander


Name Judy Alexander
Position with GWTC Director at Large
All Time Favorite Race Boston Marathon!
Favorite Annual Event My Birthday!
Favorite Running Route or Trail South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ
Personal Hero Randy Pausch, for his ability to see past a problem in order to find a solution and for his ever positive outlook and strong constitution.
Why I Run It’s the only sport I’m coordinated enough to do (although I’ve been known to trip over my own 2 feet on occasion) & I love it!  Running is a great way to take from & give back to one’s community…it’s nice to be able to combine the things we enjoy with a sport we love to do.
Inspirational Quotation “Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.  He who has courage & faith will never perish in misery.”  Anne Frank
Brief Running History

I’ve been running since 1994, when a friend called & asked me to train with her for the 1995 Disney Marathon…little did I know that I’d started a lifelong “hobby” that would lead me to my wonderful husband, Brian. Sharing my running experiences with him, our children & all of the wonderful people in every running community we’ve had the privilege of belonging to has brought me immeasurable pleasure & a lifetime of stories & memories. Directing races has now brought another dimension to the running experience, and working with and for the members of the Gulf Winds Track Club and our running community in general is a privilege and a pleasure!