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GWTC Board Profile - Paul Guyas



Paul Guyas

Position with GWTC

Lecture Series Coordinator

All Time Favorite Race


2012 (July 4th) Kiwanis Firecracker 5000. I ran a PR, had a yum breakfast, enjoyed some delicious beverages, and took home a nice trophy, sharing the whole thing with fantastic company. 

Favorite Annual Event


Breakfast on the Track. I only ran it once so far, but it was well organized, fun, and I like the distance.


Favorite Running Route or Trail



I prefer the track, but I do find myself running on versions of the Springtime, TRBC, and Turkey Trot race courses.  I tend to get beat up on the trails, but I'm being patient and persistent and trying to aquire the taste. 


Personal Hero



I don't really get into heroes. That implies there's a victim somewhere to save and a villain somewhere doing something sinister.  I'll leave that for the comic books. 


Why I run





I ran quite casually for about 10 years (no races, no watch, no clue), but I began to "get into it" during the fall of 2011 in dealing with some significant stress and since then running has not only helped me through that time, but made me incredibly strong both physically and psychologically. I keep running because it's fun, the people (of GWTC) are great, and honestly, I want to see how fast and how far I can go. 

Inspirational Quotation

If you're going through hell, keep going. 

Brief Running History

As above.