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GWTC Board Profile - Paul Guyas




Paul Guyas

Position with GWTC



All Time Favorite Race



Boston Mini 2014. It was a great result from a great training cycle. Looking at my splits in that race, I ecipsed my PR for all distances greater than 5k.


Favorite Annual Event


Of course the GWTC races, but outside of those - Jacksonville's Gate River Run


Favorite Running Route or Trail


The track



Personal Hero



I don't really get into heroes. That implies there's a victim somewhere to save and a villain somewhere doing something sinister.  I'll leave that for the comic books. 

Why I run




It's the easiest sport which is what makes it the hardest sport. It increases mental focus while promoting drifting and daydreaming. There's a spirit of both competition and comraderie.  I suppose it's these satisfying contrasts that make the magic.

Inspirational Quotation


If you're going through hell, keep going. 

Brief Running History

As above