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GWTC Board Profile - Tom Biance




Tom Biance

Position with GWTC


Training Group Coordinator

All Time Favorite Race


Dopey 2015. Running a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Maraton and Marathon on 4 consecutive days at Disney

Favorite Annual Event


Springtime & Turkey Trot

Favorite Running Route or Trail


Running through Southwood


Why I run


I run to be able to stay social with my friends while also exercising at the same time.                        

Brief Running History




I started running 5K's in 2011 but not running during the week.  I credit the 2012 Beginning Running Class for starting me on the road to running.  I started to lose weight, then shifted focus to see how fast I could get, and I now I run to be able to run with all the friends I have met.