GWTC Board Member Profile - Tom Perkins


Name Tom Perkins
Position with GWTC At Large Board Member (former President)
All Time Favorite Race Springtime; Chicago Marathon
Favorite Annual Event GWTC Christmas Party
Favorite Running Route or Trail Phipps-Knapps and Overstreet Trails
Personal Hero My father, Dr. Haven Meade Perkins (1916-2000)
Why I Run The adventure of finding new trails, running partners and bonds that will last a lifetime, and for the sheer energy derived as the sun rises during a long run with friends.
Inspirational Quotation

“If speed kills, I’ll never be in harm’s way” T. Perkins

“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can’t know what’s coming.”  Frank Shorter
Brief Running History In 1977, I herniated a disc in my lower back. After a painful recovery period, I decided that I needed to strengthen my back muscles by walking. It was at Godby High School track that I saw people actually running and talking, while I struggled with my walk. They encouraged me in my recovery. Eventually, I started to run every other lap. My new-found friends cheered me on. They told me about a new running club, Gulf Winds Track Club. Six months later, I joined Paul Ott and Randy Frazey at the Junior Museum 5K. I was praised by all for my effort (23:57) and was made to feel like I was adopted by a very large family. Since then, I have distances from a 100 yard dash to a 50K event.