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GWTC Board Profile - Zack Scharlepp




Zack Scharlepp


Position with GWTC


Immediate Past President

All Time Favorite Race



Ten Mile Challenge (may be my least favorite race as well)


Favorite Annual Event


Christmas Party

Favorite Running Route or Trail


I have a 6 mile loop running on Live Oak Plantation, Thomasville, Glenview, and Meridian. Good hills.


Personal Hero


I don't necessarily have a hero, but I look up to many of the runners in GWTC who have been grinding for 15+ years. And of course my Wife. 

Why I run


To relax, unwind and stay in shape

Inspirational Quotation


Just Do It

Brief Running History








I began running in February of 2013. I was out of shape, overweight, and HATED running. Running .5 miles was hard and I was convinced I had developed asthma due to the lack of oxygen my lungs were providing to the rest of my body. My wife kept at me to keep going, and after 4-5 months of agony, I came to enjoy my runs and to look forward to getting away from everything, even if for only 3 miles. I slowly increased my mileage and ran my first Marathon in October 2014. I realized I love and hate the Marathon distance, but have come to love training for long distance events so keep doing signing up for more despite knowing how much the last 6 miles hurt.