GWTC Board Member Profile

Name Fred Deckert
Position with GWTC Newsletter Editor
All Time Favorite Race Hard to name, but the one that gave me the longest high was my second marathon, the Dutchess County Marathon, when I was able to finish well under 4 hours, after my first NYC effort was a disaster.
Favorite Annual Event Springtime, for the party and camaraderie afterward.
Favorite Running Route or
Mohonk Mountain House trails, in the foothills of the Catskill mountains.  Unfortunately they are a long way from here.
Personal Hero It used to be Ralph Nader, but……!  Now it’s folks like Molly Ivins.  I admire anyone who works for the good of others, often at their own peril.
Why I Run Started because I was fat, continued for those sporadic good times and the feeling that I was disciplining my body.
Inspirational Quotation Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it. (I probably paraphrased that.)
Brief Running History

Brief? Over almost 40 years?  My history is more or less a chronicle of persistence over lack of ability.