An Invite

Kristen Sweeney, October 10, 2010

As the sun was rising Saturday morning, runners from near and far prepared to race locally at the Apalachee Regional Park, more commonly known as the ARP. Around 7:45, the boys' race of the FSU Invitational began with contestants from over twenty-four teams. The highest scoring Tallahassee competitor was Patrick Swain in fifth place with a time of 15:50. This, along with the finishes of Austin Stevens (16:44) in twentieth place and Travis Covert (16:56) in twenty-ninth place helped the Marauders secure fifth place. Trevor Touchton of Lincoln ran a seventeenth place time of 16:40, leading the Trojans to eighth place. Finishing twenty-second, Diuemy Duclos (16:40) contributed to Godby's nineteenth place. Other Tallahassee teams that raced Saturday are FSU High School in seventeenth, North Florida Christian in twenty-second, and Richards in twenty-fourth.

About a half hour later, the gun went off again signaling the start of the girls' race, which also fielded twenty-three plus teams. Stefanie Kurgatt ran a time of 18:42 dropping over a minute from last year, and her teammate Kristin Sweeney (19:56) received twentieth place. The girls from Maclay received seventh. Led by Autumn Wable (21:11) in thirty-seventh, Leon's ladies placed twentieth; they were followed by Lincoln in twenty-first and FSU High School in twenty-second. This year's FSU Invitational boasted a fantastic venue, magnificent weather, and some swift times!