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A Marathon Look Back

As I scratch my head about this year's marathon and half-marathon and congratulate Ely and the usual cast of Gulf Winds volunteers who worked so hard to make this year's race a success, I could not help but look back at one of the first to lift the marathon and half to a new level. Jay Silvanima was the director in 2007 and he was determined to create an elite field for the Tallahassee Marathon. So determined that I remember waiting at the Greyhound bus station for a runner to arrive from Kenya. One of the beautiful things about this sport and this running community is that we all build on each others efforts, knowing what a great group we have. Jay did get smart and reached out to Nancy Stedman to be his partner. (She thought he said race director partner.) When they stepped aside in 2015 the marathon and half had finished with above 1035 runners for three years and the marathon had completed its third year with more than 306 finishers including a high of 359 in 2014. 2015 and 2016 was 224 and 180 marathon finishers and the next highest total for a marathon not directed by Jay Silvanima is 133. So enjoy this look back at the year Jay took the reigns. 

When it Doesn't go as Planned