Top Ten reasons Why It's Great to Be a Runner in Tallahassee - July

By Jane Johnson

Because we have stars among us - and you can open the Tallahassee Democrat and see our own Mary Jean Yon on the cover of the Local section doing her part as a DEP Director to preserve the environment of northwest Florida.

Because you can take mischievous pleasure in the strange looks you get from people who drive past you as you run through a rainstorm - knowing that they just don't have a clue what they're missing out on.

Because the abundance of athletic talent among the GWTC members is equally matched by an abundance of musical talent - as evidenced by the performances of Bill McGuire, Jim Phillips, Tom Scott and others at the Pot Luck Run Social.

Because as a club, we are about so much more than racing - and it's those "other things" we do that form the glue that binds us together.

Because out of over 130 seasoned runners at the Pot Luck Bash predicted time run, sweet little Adrianna Piekarewicz (a 7th grader) kicked butt and beat all the males and females by predicting her time within one second.

Because thanks to the tireless dedication of our social coordinator, Bonnie Wright, club members have wonderful opportunities to enjoy great food, fellowship and good times.

Because runners take pride in the strangest things - like the amount of skin they lose or blood they shed if they happen to wipe out while running.

Because we have a phenomenally successful Summer Track Series, which gives opportunities for kids and adults of all ages to test their skills, blow out their hamstrings and just have a great time on a Thursday night.

Because there is nothing like watching a bunch of little kids trying to stay in the same lane (or grasp the benefit of running in the inside lane) while running the curve of a 400 meter track.

Because you can take your running with you anywhere you go - and part of the fun of going somewhere for summer vacation is the opportunity to experience new running venues.