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Welcome to Gulf Winds Track Club! Don't let the name fool you - GWTC is about promoting and supporting running on the track, on the roads and on the trails.

The club's official purpose is "to encourage participation in jogging and running, whether for competition, physical fitness, or pleasure; to stimulate the exchange of information about running and to disseminate such information; to encourage individuals to pursue opportunities to compete in races and to provide organized events in which interested individuals may participate." If you are renewing, you already know a lot of what is to follow, but it is worth hearing again and we are most glad you decided to stay around.

The club carries out its purposes by organizing races on all three surfaces (more than 20 races), weekly group runs and training sessions, a summer track series, social events, mentoring programs, lectures, newsletters and other information exchanges, and a lot of volunteer opportunities. The club's activities are designed for everyone, regardless of speed or fitness level. We often hear the question "Why join GWTC?" Our first answer is always, "it is one of the most active and enjoyable groups of people you will ever hang out with." You will get more intangible benefits than you could ever expect, in addition to these tangible benefits:

You will find a load of information about the club at You will find everything from a list of weekly runs and training groups to the history of the club. You will find the most comprehensive list of races and race results in the big bend area. And if you can't find what you are looking for hit the "contact us" button. There is an excellent Gulf Winds Track Club Facebook page too.

Thanks for joining us and for your support of Gulf Winds Track Club. If you have any questions regarding your membership, contact Mark Priddy. lease note that your membership will expire one year after the date you joined/renewed, and you will receive an automatic renewal notification from RunSignUp at the appropriate time. Please visit our website and Facebook pages for information on upcoming races, training groups and more.