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2018 Trail Series Opens at Munson Hills

David Yon, June 24, 2018

                The 2018 Trail Series got underway on Saturday, June 23 with the Munson Hills 6-mile run. (My Garmin said it was 5.8.)  The race directors made an excellent call and started the race at 7:30 a.m. This early start time not only kept runners a bit cooler but provided some excellent lessons about long leaf pine forests as the sun worked its way up from the horizon and into the sky it pointed out the unique ecosystem. Streams of soft morning light snuck around the tall pines, exposing a forest floor with limited undergrowth crisscrossed with trails and runners.

Vince Molosky found a familiar place – first place overall, in a time of 38:02.   Brad Busboom took second in 38:40. Emily Molen continued the theme of close finishes among the women, crossing the finishes line at 45:10 with Alyssa Terry 5 seconds back in 45:15. Outstanding “old man” performances belong to Gary Droze who finished in 3rd place in a time of 39:07 and 68-year-old Gary Griffin who ran 47:32.  Also not to be overlooked was 9-year-old Jonathon Kiros, who checked in 9th overall in a time of 50:00. (2:44 seconds ahead of me!)

There were 124 finishing times recorded in the first race.  The series has an unofficial cap of 150 runners in any one race. Approximately 160 runners signed up for the “package deal,” i.e., admission to all four races. The package option closed out Wednesday, however, there will likely be some limited race day registration for each of the remaining races.

The trail conditions for this race were excellent, no soft sand, mostly good footing. The weather was good for the end of June. The course was well marked.  Kristen and Jim did another great job.  They have once again put a lot of work into this series and we all owe them a big thanks!  For more information on the series visit 2018 Summer Trail Series.