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How They Train!

Martha Bademan - January 2014


Did you compete in high school cross country or track?  

Did you compete in college-cross country or track?

How many years have you been running?

Lifetime personal records

What running events do you train for or what are your training goals? 

Consider your training over the past 6 months to one year.  How many miles a week do you typically run when not injured and consistently running?

What does your typical week of running look like?

Typically, I run 3-4 miles of intervals on Sundays, usually around 5K pace, sometimes 10K pace, then a few miles around Myers Park.  I like to run with many of the wonderful Gulfwinds training groups when I can - usually Winthrop Park Express and the Springtime, Beginning Running, and Turkey Trot training groups.  I take a cardio-kickboxing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a total body workout.  I take off one day a week (usually Friday), and race on many Saturdays.  I travel frequently throughout Florida and the southeast for my job, so I end up improvising a lot of my workouts depending on where I am and how much free time I have.  I like to explore wherever I happen to be by running, but if I can’t find a safe route, I will stick to the treadmill in the hotel gym.  I can usually only stand to run 3-4 miles on the treadmill though, so I try to keep it interesting and get the most out of my workout by running intervals or progressively increasing my speed.    

How does your training vary over the course of a year?

Do you take recovery or down time?

Do you peak for certain races?

How much sleep do you usually get at night?

What time of day do you normally run?

What injuries have hampered your training over the past year? 

Do you take any dietary or medical supplements?

What type of running shoes do you prefer?

Do you use weight training?

Do you stretch? 

What are your favorite running routes?

What running resources do you like that would benefit someone else?

What examples can you give of specific training methods, and what were the results?

What advice do you have for beginning or experienced runners to help them with their training?