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Tired of the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner?
How about these groups

Groups are great motivators to not only get people running, but to keep them running!   And runners are certainly not limited to one group.  Here are some quick facts about just a few of the running groups in this area.  Check one or more of them out.  For more information you can check out the information or like the GWTC - Training Groups on Facebook.

GWTC Training Group Waiver

Running Group Name:  GWTC Goes Long

  • Running Group Name: Trailblazers
  • Running Group Name: Monday Night Springtime Tallahassee Training Group
  • Running Group Name:  Turkey Trot Training Groups
  • Running Group Name: GWTC Tallahassee Marathon & Tallahassee Half Marathon Training Group
  • Running Group Name:  GWTC Beginning Running Group
  • Running Group Name: SMIRF (Summer Mornings Include Running Fun) North Cross Country Program.
  • Running Group Name: GWTC Summer of Speed Sunday Intervals
  • Running Group Name:  Winthrop Park Express
  • Running Group Name:  GWTC Tuesday Intervals
  • Running Group Name: Wednesday Evening Interval Group
  • Running Group Name: Optimist Park Thursday Night Run Group
  • GWTC Affiliated Training Groups