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2019 GWTC Running Series Extreme Challenge

Gulf Winds Track Club offers a full calendar of running events, various distances and running surfaces.

In addition to the Summer Track series, the Club sponsors over 20 events throughout the year. Many of these events offer races of multiple distances.

The Extreme Challenge is a boot camp only for those who have the physical and mental training to compete and finish.

Few meet the challenge. It will require you to carefully plan, train, and utilize your decision-making skills.

To qualify, you must run all GWTC Club races within the same calendar year.

If a Club race offers several distance events, you must complete the longest distance event presented at that race.

You must complete the event within the race director's established time limit.

No one finished the first two races of the 2019 Challenge; therefore, no one remains eligible to complete the 2019 Challenge.

Current GWTC Club races and the distance you must complete in that event: