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2017 GWTC Race Miles Challenge

The Race Miles Challenge encourages participation by rewarding GWTC members who complete club races. Each club race mile completed counts towards your yearly total. For example, if there were 10 GWTC 10K races and you ran all of them, that would give you 62 GWTC race miles (10 x 6.2).

At the end of the year, members will be grouped into three categories based on how many race miles they have run: 25-49 miles, 50-74 miles, and 75 or more miles. The three groups will each receive special rewards for their accomplishments (in the form of GWTC swag). The more miles you run, the more swag you receive!

All annual Gulf Winds Track Club races count towards your miles and are the same races used for the Running Series Extreme Challenge. For the Race Miles Challenge, it does not matter which race you finish at each event, all distances count.

Current GWTC Club races:
• Swamp Forest Trail Marathon/Half Marathon/6.5M January
• Bowlegs 5k January
• GWTC 30k/15k January
• Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon February
• Flash 12k/6k February
• Springtime 10k/5k/1M Mar/Apr
• Palace Saloon 5k April
• Summer Trail Series: Cadillac (5.5M), Old Hammock (5M), Coon Bottom (4.5M), Redbug (4.5M) May, June, July, August
• Potluck Bash 4 Mile June
• Breakfast on the Track 1 Mile August
• Madness at Miller Landing 8k/5k/3k August
• Prefontaine 5k September
• Women's Distance Festival 5k/1M September
• Pine Run 20k October
• Turkey Trot 1M/15k/10k/5k November
• Tallahassee 10M/5M Challenge December
• Tallahassee Ultra 50k/50M December
• Tannenbaum Trail 6k December

Please ensure your name is spelled the same way on all registrations. We will monitor and track your progress. You must complete the event within the race director's established time limit.

For questions, contact Eric Godin (