Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park

Tim Brewton, updated June 17, 2007

The trails of the Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park form another outdoor treasure of this area that is open to the public. The Park is out north Meridian Road, bordered by Forest Meadows on the east, Miller Landing Road to the north, Lake Jackson to the west, and Lake Victoria to the south. Excluding the Red Bug Trail (see Gordon Cherr's article), there are over 12 miles of trail, including wide multi-use dirt roads, multi-use single track connectors, and hiking trails (pedestrians only). The hiking trails are marked by orange blazes and are maintained by the Apalachee Chapter of the Florida Trail Association. Check their website (http://apalachee.floridatrail.org/ ) for opportunities to join in with trail maintenance.

The trails may be accessed from a small parking lot at the trailhead on Miller Landing Road (or from Forest Meadows). A visitor to the park will encounter a plethora of signs, numbers, and letters (the old maps do not have the letters on them, which are for the hiking trails). Prepare to be confused! There are numerous opportunities to pick up maps along the way; however, if you can't orient the map, it may be awhile before you figure out which direction you're going. The good news is that you can't travel very far before coming to an intersection. The bad news is that you can't travel very far before coming to an intersection--putting together a long run requires a good memory or accepting the fact that you will have several consultation stops along the way.

The park is free, and, If you follow the multi-use trail west from the trailhead, in about one-half mile you will encounter a deluxe outhouse. There are no water fountains, but the soccer facilities are close to the trailhead and to the Coon Bottom Loop.