Tallahassee Trails

Google Earth Maps



We now have a Google Maps/Earth-enabled interactive map of many of Tallahassee's running trails, thanks to the hard work of GWTC member Clark Evans.  To use, simply click this link to open in Google Earth:


You can also copy it and paste it in a Google Maps http://maps.google.com) window to open and view in Google Maps.

Included are most publicly-accessible local trails and available water and bathroom facilities on or nearby those trails. Paved, unpaved, and bicycle trails are each depicted in a separate color for ease of comparison. Click on a trail or its marker for a brief description of the trail, including its approximate distance, or check with the GWTC main trails page for a full description.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail Clark Evans at clarkdog@gmail.com.