Miccosukee Land Cooperative

Gordon Cherr

There are two excellent running/training routes which can be reached from the parking area of the Miccosukee Land Cooperative, which is located off of Miccosukee Road. To get to the Land Cooperative, simply follow Miccosukee Road out of town, to the east (towards Monticello). The entrance is about 9 miles east of Capital Circle. The is a large sign which says "MLC" at the entrance, which is on your right. When you enter the Cooperative, bear right and there will be a small community center building about 50 yards further in, on the left. There is parking in front of the Community Center. Please do not park in front of the Volunteer Fire Department (for obvious reasons). Also, remember that you are a guest in the Land Cooperative, which is home to many people, so do not leave any trash lying around and always clean up if the need arises. By the way, these runs are best done in the early morning or evenings on Saturday or Sunday or midday during the week, when traffic on Miccosukee Road is lighter, although traffic in this area is never very heavy to begin with.

The first course is a loop course of 5.3 miles. Just jog to the entrance of the Coop onto Miccosukee Road, turn right and run downhill until the pavement ends (0.3 miles). Miccosukee Road turns to the left. Turn left on Miccosukee until you reach McCracken Road. Turn right on McCracken Road, then left at the T. The street sign says “Sunrise”, but if you turn left, you are still on McCracken Rd. Follow McCracken until it ends at Baum Rd. At Baum, turn left (if you turn right you will eventually come out on Hwy 90), and follow Baum for another 1.5 miles or so. Baum Road is simply a gorgeous road to run on, it has one good hill and is generally rolling, but there is never any traffic on it, and it is well shaded. This runs through the heart of the Allenwood Plantation, and near the end of Baum Road, there is a very old, tiny cemetary on your right. Baum Road eventually "T's" out onto MIccosukee Road. Turn left at the church, onto Miccosukee Road, which is a nicely paved, asphalt road, and run back for a mile or so past McCraken until Miccosukee turns to the right. Go right, back up the hill and you are at the Land Cooperative entrance again. Nothing to it. Also, there is a stretch as you come back on Miccosukee Road which, for several hundred yards or so, passes beneath a rather incredible canopy of patriarch live oaks, which really makes this run special.

The second course is out and back. Exit the Land Cooperative, turn right, and run downhill for 0.3 miles. Then turn left on Miccosukee Road and follow Miccosukee Road for about 7 miles to the small town of Miccosukee. Actually, Miccosukee Road ends here and spills out onto Centerville Road, but make a right and follow Centerville for about 75 yards up a small hill, and you are now at a convenience store where you can get some Gatorade or whatever, right there at SR 59. This is the perfect spot for a break and some bicyclers are usually here, catching their breath, too. Then just head back the way you came. Miccosukee Road is asphalt paved and rolling, with some sunny stretches, and some shady stretches, as well. Avoid peak traffic hours if you can. There really isn't much traffic, but what vehicular traffic there is, it usually is flying, so be careful. This is a pretty run, and in my opinion it is more uphill to Miccosukee, and more downhill back to the Land Cooperative. The overall distance is about 14.5 miles.

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