Miller's Landing Road

By Gordon D. Cherr


Miller's Landing Road is located off of Meridian Road in northern Leon County. It is near Maclay School, and in between Maclay Road and Oxbottom Road. The Leon County soccer complex is located here, as well as the trailhead for the many fine running, biking and hiking trails in Elinor Phipps Park. In fact, you can park at the soccer fields or even at Forest Meadows near the Red Bug Trail (across the street from the Lake Overstreet trailhead) and jog over to Miller's Landing Road.

Miller's Landing Road runs from Meridian Road to Miller's Landing, on the shore of Lake Jackson. It is a rolling, paved two lane blacktop/ asphalt roadway, with never very much traffic to speak of, a lot of shade, a few very good hills and beautiful scenery from one end to the other including many fine canopy live oaks. There are several beautiful homes set back on the south side of the roadway and after a mile and a half or so, some terrific views off to your left, of Lake Jackson, as the road is mostly a good elevation above the lake at this point. The north side of Miller's Landing Road is entirely undeveloped and is part of the 30,000+ acre Phipps Plantation.

Starting near the soccer fields and parking lots, it is almost exactly three (3) miles to Lake Jackson. There is no place to get water on this run, so hump up before you leave the soccer fields, and there are water fountains and bathrooms located there. Also, there are no street lights on Miller's Landing Road, so this is a daylight run only. Besides, any number of very drunk teenagers regularly drive this road at night to party at the landing, especially on weekends, and more than a handful have crashed and died on Miller's Landing Road over the past few years.

Regardless, Miller's Landing Road is a beautiful running road, the scenery is great, birds and butterflies are found in great abundance here, as well as deer, possum and armadillo. I have also seen bobcat here on more than one occasion. The run itself is very much up and down, with few flat stretches. The best thing to do in hot weather is to run down to the lake, kick off your shoes and jump right in! The water here is shallow, cool and refreshing. In fact, you might find yourself sitting there for a good while before getting up sufficient incentive to head back. But leave yourself something in reserve for the return trip which is more uphill than downhill, especially that first nasty little hill which brought you down to Lake Jackson. It will wear you out on the way back.