Myers Park/Indian Head Acres Course

By James Silvanima

This is a non-loop 10k, which covers a similar area of town through which the Tallahassee Springtime 10 K is run.

I start at my house, 527 East Call, but there are a number of good starting/ending points along the run (such as Myers Park, West Indian Head Acres, etc.). Run down E. Call Street through the intersection of Call and Franklin Blvd. Cross the Railroad tracks on Call and then immediately exit right onto Cadiz St. Follow to Park Ave. Run up Park to Broward St. and hang another right. Run down Broward through the intersection of Apalachee PKWY (cross very, very carefully!). Now the uphill, cross St. Augustine and enter Myers Park. Run parallel to Myers Park Rd. on the park trail until you get to first Left at the top of the hill. Hang this left onto Circle Dr. (it may be Merritt Rd. for the first couple of blocks, I'm uncertain, but just say on this first left off of Myers Park Rd. and the road will become Circle Dr. at some point when you cross an intersection). Run up Circle all the way to Magnolia Dr. Hang a right on Magnolia and run about 200 yards to Toochin Nene. Hang a left from Magnolia onto Toochin Nene. Run down hill on Toochin Nene to West Indian Head Dr. and hang a right on West Indian Head. Run down/up West Indian Head to Mountbatten Rd. Run Mountbatten to Jim Lee Road and then take a right onto Jim Lee. Run Jim Lee to the intersection of Magnolia and then take a left onto Magnolia. Run Magnolia to Meridian Rd and hang a right onto Meridian. Run Meridian to Van Buren St. At the intersection of Van Buren and Meridian hang a left onto Van Buren. Run one block on Van Buren to Gadsden St. Hang a right onto Gadsden and run Gadsden all the way to Call St. Hang a right onto Call St. and run down hill through the intersection of Call and Meridian and you end up back were you started from!

I traveled this loop in my car and came up with 6.1 miles, however, when you run this course the section through Myers Park is longer than the road.

Points of reference the black, brown and white beagle box on Mountbatten Rd is 5 K from my house (trust me, there is only one of these mail boxes on Mountbatten!).

Concerns .... Traffic.... Avoid crossing Apalachee PKWY, and running down Gadsden during peak rush hour traffic, or you may by waiting a series of minutes at a few intersections. I run when I can and frequently end up running in rush hour. It really isn't as bad as it sounds. In fact, the cars are moving slower if anything.

If you like hills this route has 'em. If you run the route in reverse you must contend with a ~.5 mile section of Magnolia which is all uphill and steep! Running in the direction given above you must content with large uphill sections from Apalachee PKWY to Magnolia Dr.!

I like this course but realize that because of the crossing at Apalachee and the two railroad crossings it could never be made into a road race course. You could always deviate and run the section of Spring Time that runs down Franklin under Apalachee and up LaFayette to Myers Park Dr. I don't know what this would do to the length but it should be about the same with this alteration.

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