Red Bug Trail

By Gordon Cherr


Red Bug Trail- The entrance to the Red Bug Trail is due south of the Forest Meadows parking lot, on north Meridian Road, about one mile north of Maclay Road . It is shaded all of the time, so it makes for a good hot weather run.

The trail is short-maybe 3 miles or so, and winds constantly, often through very narrow openings in between trees. The footing is, well... questionable at best, with a lot of roots and rocks and wet, boggy areas. It is up and down almost all of the way. This is really a mountain biking trail so be very careful of the bikers and always give them the right of way because they can't stop and you can. Normally, you won't see anyone, anyway. There are a few small streams to cross, some recently constructed boardwalks which can be very slippery when wet, and someone will need to do a "tick check" on you when you are finished.

This is a neat place to run, but an excellent place to twist the heck out of your ankles, so if you are training for an important race, you may want to stay away from the Red Bug Trail for awhile. There is a lot of wildlife out here but you won't see it. Your eyes will be glued squarely on the trail directly in front of you. Besides, you can't run the Red Bug Trail without falling down at least once.

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